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Check Printing for Home & Office

Purchase & download CheckBuilderPro to enjoy these benefits today:

  • Available for Windows or Macintosh
  • Make business checks, personal checks & deposit slips
  • Have unlimited accounts
  • Use any brand of check paper - no per check printing fee
  • Print blank or complete with payee & amount
  • Customize with logos, signature & fonts
  • Track transactions in check register
  • Print custom reports – summary & detail
  • Reconcile bank statement
  • Memorize payee data for quick entry
  • Mac version is 64 bit "Catalina" compatible
  • For U.S. Banks Only

“CheckBuilderPro was exactly what I needed for my business and it has worked even better than I had hoped! Easy to use, simple to get up and running, tons of functionality, and best of all, a HUGE money-saver.
       –Jeff Antkowiak, FastForward Thinking Inc.

Top-Rated and "Amazon'sChoice" at!

CheckBuilderPro - best rated check printing software for windows and mac

What's New In Version 3

  • Mac version is 64-bit to meet Apple's requirement
  • Now available for Windows PC
  • Check screen is 35% larger
  • Change view size of all windows from 75% to 150%
  • All new customizable voucher on business checks
  • Redesigned report generator
  • Converter to transfer your CBP 2 checks - no need to remake anything!

Check Making Features

  • Create business or personal size checks
  • Print completed checks with payee & amount in 1 pass
  • Make blank checks to use with Quickbooks®, AccountEdge®, Xero® and other programs
  • Personalize with your graphics, signature & fonts
  • Prints deposit slips – blank or completed
  • Print on pre-printed checks* (see footnote at page bottom)
  • Memorize payees for 1-click check entry
  • Have unlimited accounts
  • Import from any QIF file - Quicken 2007 and older, Versacheck, etc (see your program details to see if it exports in QIF format - other formats not supported)
  • Export check data to a QIF, CSV or Tab file
  • Prints “MICR” line (routing & account numbers) – font included
  • Password protect your check
  • Batch print checks from a spreadsheet file (requires BatchBuilder – sold separately. More info)

Record Keeping

  • Completed checks are posted to a check register with a running total
  • Enter non-check debits & credits
  • Reconcile your bank statement
  • Print reports in four styles: Detail, Detail by Payee, Category Summary and Category Summary by Payee. All report are customizable.

    Printing Formats

    • Business checks 3 per page
    • Business voucher check – check at top
    • Business voucher check – check at middle
    • Business voucher check – check at bottom
    • Business check 4 per page (legal paper)
    • Business voucher check – check at top, 2 per page (legal paper)
    • Business check pressure seal Z-fold (check in middle)
    • Personal checks 3 per page w/register – normal
    • Personal checks 3 per page w/register – booklet
    • Personal checks 4 per page
    • Deposit Slips – Quickbooks® Style

    What It Does NOT Do

    • CheckBuilderPro is a standalone – it does not interact with any other software
    • You cannot print to/from/through Quickbooks/Quicken or any other program
    • It is not a payroll program


      • Not sure? Try our demo
      • The demo is fully functional but will print VOID on all checks
      • Checks made with the demo are fully functional with retail version

      Tech Support

      • Tech support is available via our Contact form (we’re fast!)
      • Tech support is for the life of the product
      • No telephone support is available at this time
      **CheckBuilderpro can print on pre-printed checks as long as your checks are in sheet form (8.5×11). Business checks must have perforations at 3-1/2″ intervals and can be either 3 checks per page or voucher style with check at top, middle or bottom. Personal size checks must have perforations at 2-7/8″ intervals, 3 per page. You cannot print on checks like you’d tear out of a checkbook. We strongly encourage you to use our demo to see if this will work with your checks.

            Product Requirements

            • Mac® OS X version 10.9 or later, Catalina compatible
            • Windows version 7 or newer, Windows 10 recommended
            • High quality printer
            • Bank compatible blank check paper
            • For U.S. banks only
            • MICR ink or toner*

            *The official bank recommendation. Many banks have optical readers that do not need MICR ink, though some still have the older style magnetic readers. Most of our customers don’t use MICR toner and have no trouble, but we cannot guarantee that your experience will be the same. For sources of MICR inks and toners, see our supplies page.

            Save $10 With Our Bundle Offer!

            Purchase the CheckBuilderPro + BatchBuilder Bundle and save $10. Normally the cost of CheckBuilderPro ($39.95) + BatchBuilder ($19.95) would be $59.90, but our bundle price is just $49.95. To take advantage of this pricing, select CheckBuilderPro + BatchBuilder Bundle from the "Purchase Options" menu above.

            BatchBuilder allows you to feed a spreadsheet of payee data into CheckBuilderPro, drastically speeding check printing. Learn more about BatchBuilder.

            CheckBuilderPro is available at!

            While you can purchase and download CheckBuilderPro right here at our website, it's also available for purchase at Take advantage of their free shipping option (as well as Amazon Prime and other options) and get a sample packet of check paper!

            With your order of CheckBuilderPro from Amazon, you will receive a sample packet of check paper,* including 1 personal check style and 2 business check styles (top check, voucher style and 3 checks per page) for a total of 140 checks. The price for this version of CheckBuilderPro is $59.95 plus shipping, if applicable.

            Purchase at

            *The check paper offer is only available in the Amazon purchased version which ships on a CD. The version here at does NOT include check paper nor does it come on CD - it is a download only.

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