About Us


CheckBuilderPro™ and BatchBuilder™ are products of Knappster Solutions LLC™, a limited liability company, started in 2004 by Marty Knapp. We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest - north of Seattle.

For years we used a popular Windows-based check printing software program to print our checks. But being primarily Mac users, we kept hoping that someone would come out with a Macintosh version. After years of looking and waiting, we finally put together our own for in-house use. It was pretty basic but it did the job.

Wondering if there were enough other Mac users out there who would be interested in check printing software, we took the plunge and spent some time polishing it and adding lots of user-friendly features. We released "CheckBuilderPro" in the Fall of 2010 and have been making improvements to it ever since. And a few years ago we released a Windows version.

Originally, CheckBuilderPro just printed blank checks to use in other programs like Quickbooks. Now it's also able to print completed checks with payee and amount, has a check register, can print reports and allows you to reconcile your bank statement, etc.

With the addition of the BatchBuilder add-on module, it can also take a data feed from a spreadsheet (CSV) file and automatically print checks for each payee.

Marty and his staff work very hard at customer support and find great satisfaction in happy customers. Here's a typical response to our tech support:

“I can’t thank you enough for your response. I have never had anyone respond so quickly and generously” —George Paige

Marty's first computer was a Mac SE/30 and right away he took an interest in writing software. The first program he wrote was a computerized rolodex. He's made the dubious claim that it actually worked!

In his "spare time" Marty builds custom electric guitars and enjoys the beautiful Pacific Northwest.