"Until your company started making CheckBuilderPro, there was no good check writing software. I tried all your competitors for years and they were all terrible! Thank you for a really great product and great support."
     --Kelly, CityVoice Communications Corp.

"I have used CheckBuilderPro for more than a month. It is the best check writing and printing program I have tried and I’ve tried many. Its interface is easy to understand and navigate. Writing and printing checks  couldn’t be easier and yet the program allows you to keep track of a complex of financial records if you want. Best of all is the support for the program. I have always received prompt and helpful responses to any inquiry I have made via email. If there were stars to give for this program, I would give 100."
     --Peter Moller, Syracuse NY
“Been using your product for a couple of months, and I wish I had found it sooner. Great for home use. Downloaded easily, simple and intuitive to use, and works much better than the old Quicken 2016 I was using prior. Thank you for designing a superior product!
      –James Scheuer, Northville MI

"Of all the companies I deal with or have dealt with in more years than I care to divulge, your customer service is by far the best! Prompt to a fault and always, always on point."
     –Jeff Combs, Turnersville NJ

“CheckBuilderPro is an awesome software program! I was up and running in minutes. There are a lot of controls to customize your check printing needs. It doesn’t get easier than this! Great support staff as well. I give this an 11 out of 10!”
     –Mike Fraser, Fraser Productions Inc.

"We are loving this software! It has everything we need for the many accounts we print checks from each month. We are a rental property management company and we highly recommend this software."
     –Micah Boutillier, ETB Properties LLC, Albuquerque NM

“I used your program this month for the first time – wish I had found it sooner! I had been entering check info manually each month for around 100 checks and then hand-writing top and bottom vouchers for each one:( Check Builder Pro was so much easier that I sat in stunned silence when I was finished, wondering what I would do with the next three days. Thank you! Thank you!”
     –Virginia Snider, Rob Morrison, Tampa Bay Real Estate Services

“I used a different check program with my windows computer and I want you to know your program blows that one out of the water. Easiest program ever. I am making sure all my business associates know about this software. Thanks a million!”
     –Beverly Hancock, Huntsville Texas

“I love your software. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I chose to stick with a Mac.”
      –William B., Sandston, Virginia

“This is a great piece of software … I put CBP in the same class as 1Password, Nightstand Central and only a couple of others (of the 100 or so I have spread across 2 desktops and 3 iOS devices) in terms of its useability and the quality of the experience for me, the user. Really nice to use….”
     –Mort Pearson, Tolland, Connecticut

“CheckBuilderPro and BatchBuilder saved my sanity!! For years we have been using a PC-based program on our Macs and it was causing us nothing but problems. I can not say enough positive things about this program! It’s 100% easy to use and does the job. We are able to quickly and efficiently generate batches of checks with no problems or we can do single checks if need be. CheckBuilderPro allows us to build our checks from the scratch which saved us money and time. This is a great product!”
     –Natalie S. Pounds, Office Manager, Carson Services, Inc., Lincoln, NE

“After many years of being dissatisfied with a windows product that I had to run in a virtual windows environment, the new software, CheckBuilderPro is simple and just the right tool for the job. I’ve been happy so far, and this morning I sent the CheckBuilder support email a question. Within an hour I had a clear and concise reply providing a great solution for my support question. This quality of service is almost non-existent in technology anymore, so I can’t say enough great things about Marty Knapp, Knappster Solutions or the CheckBuilder product. If you run a Mac for your daily use, take a look at this outstanding software provider!”
     –Brian Greene, Carson City, NV

“CheckBuilderPro has been great!  It does everything I need and has a very user friendly interface.  I would highly recommend it!”
     –Rachel Radke, Orem, UT

“I just love this software. I have been waiting for a program like this for a long time.  It is so easy to use.”
     –P. Gabriel, Uniontown, PA

“Amazing service. Not many web based companies out there that do it, but it’s noticed and appreciated.”
     –Steve Waldrop,, Lithia Florida

“This is absolutely fabulous software, easy to use and set up checks. I was using a PC just to do my checks, now I can do it on my Mac faster and better. I have waited a long time for this, Thank you Knappster Solutions, I love it! “
     –Customer feedback from

“CheckBuilderPro allows Mac users to print checks with no hassles. I found the formatting and adjustment features to work intuitively and flawlessly. The result is an attractive check that saves money.”
     –Tom Meehan, Hopkinton, NH

“I have been using CheckBuilderPro for approximately three months, I find this software to be very easy to use. I highly recommend CheckBuilderPro as one of the best check writing programs that you can purchase.
     –Frank R. Ciccone, Cranston, RI

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found CheckBuilderPro. This program is so well designed anyone can use it. I had it up and printing checks in minutes. I am a MAC user and needed a check printing program. Well, I have finally found it!!!!!”

     –Gale McCraw, Vermilion Productions, Vermilion, Ohio

“I’ve been looking for years for a check writing software for Mac. CheckBuilderPro not only fills the void but far exceeds anything I’ve used on PC’s. Without a doubt I would rate this program A+++…”
     –Dr. John Santucci, Lake Success NY

“As a small business I need products and vendors that provide service and features that make it easier to move my business forward. CheckBuilderPro software is the perfect software for my needs: It’s easy to use, easy to customize and works flawlessly. And, when I had a suggestion to improve the product, they actually listened! I recommend it highly for anyone who wants a check writing solution.”
     –David Vallieres, New York

“I have used it for my personal check-printing needs and found it to be fantastic…no more having to hassle with purchasing and paying for pre-printed checks. The variety in designing the different check models is very helpful in customizing the perfect check for my needs.”
     –Richard Ramey, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“CheckBuilderPro was exactly what I needed for my business and it has worked even better than I had hoped! Easy to use, simple to get up and running, tons of functionality, and best of all, a HUGE money-saver. I’ve been extremely happy with CheckBuilderPro ever since I first started using it.”

     –Jeff Antkowiak, FastForward Thinking Inc.

“As a dedicated Mac user and owner of multiple businesses with several bank accounts, I have found CheckBuilderPro to be an invaluable tool in running my businesses. CheckBuilder Pro has literally saved me hundreds of dollars in check ordering costs.”
     –Todd Bomberg, Los Angeles, CA

“I am a recent Mac convert and was using a Windows programs to write my checks. CheckBuilderPro is a great program. It has let me cut the Windows tether. Its what I have been looking for, the checks look great, its easy to use with many options.”

     –Luis Rodriguez, Surprise, AZ

“Awesome software! Easy to use, no instructions needed, and fun!”
     –Pat, Los Angeles, California

“Thank you for such a great and user friendly piece of software! We have been using windows (yuck!) to print with Versacheck and I must say this software does a better job and faster.”
    –D. Nichols, Owner, San Francisco, CA

“Without a doubt, Knappster/CheckBuilderPro software for my Mac has already proven to be an intelligent and affordable purchase. By 2am this morning, I had printed off 150 blank checks each for both my corporations. This afternoon, I’ll print out 50 checks via QuickBooks for today’s payroll.”
     –Don Coder, CommConnect TV/Mountain Roofing & Construction LLC, Basalt, CO

“Buy, Download, Install and you are ready to start printing checks, just that simple. I had one problem, I was unable to add letters in the Fractional Routing # area so I contacted the Support Team and got an answer from them in less than 30 minutes and within an hour a fix. I recommend CheckBuilderPro – good software at a good price.”

     –Eugene Cummings, Orlando, FL

“Just wanted to say thanks and tell you what a great piece of software you have. I bought CheckBuilderPro and I ordered Verscheck blank stock from I had checks printed within minutes. I ran my Quicken check run and the new checks were perfect.”
     –John P. Kelly, Oak Brook, IL

“I have been using an older windows product that I had to run in a virtual windows environment and it has been having reliability issues. I have been searching a long time for a MAC based product. I need to print blank checks for over 30 entities. Despite not being able to import the check data from the windows database, set up went quickly. I also sent the CheckBuilder support email a question. They responded very quickly with a few questions and then within a very short time provided a fix to the problem. The service is great.”
     –John H., Waukesha, WI

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the professionalism and extremely quick support I received from the team at Knappster Solutions. Being able to count on them to fix problems immediately is a godsend. I wish more companies would support their clients like Marty and his team do. Thanks again, for your great service.”
      –Gale McCraw, Owner, Vermilion, Ohio

“As a small business owner, CheckBuilderPro will really save me both time and money as I print checks with my accounting software! I highly recommend CheckBuilderPro to any Mac user.”

     –Richard “Putter” Withers, Dallas, TX

"You are the best! I really love the software and truly appreciate your quick response to questions!"
     –Jenice Henderson, Clerk, Town of Westford

“The customer service is great, and the upgrade process was simple. It was made even easier by the instructions you provided. All this at an unbeatable price."
     –Spencer S., Cleveland OH