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  • Please note that we do all our tech support via email and we are very responsive. We do not offer telephone support at this time.
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CheckBuilderPro Manual

There are PDF instructions available  – with CheckBuilderPro open, select “CBP Manual” from the Help menu at the top of your screen. There is an index and PDFs are searchable.

Video Tutorials

Installing CheckBuilderPro
Set Up Your First Check
Setting Up For Pre-Printed Checks
Memorizing/Setting Up Payees
(More videos to come)

I Emailed Tech Support But Never Heard Back!

We *always* answer tech support emails. During business hours (8am to 6 pm Pacific Time) we usually respond within minutes and no more than an hour. Between 6-10 pm emails are monitored but not as frequently. If you haven’t heard from us within a reasonable amount of time, then consider the following:

  • Our response ended up in your spam folder – check that first.
  • Your internet service provider may have flagged us as spam.

Here’s a couple of things you can do:

  • Email us again and try using a different return email if you have one.
  • Provide a phone number where you can be reached. We do our tech support by email, but if you’re not getting our responses we’ll call if necessary to try to get the lines of communication working.

Misc Problems

Q. I got a warning that CheckBuilderPro is not optimized for my Mac - what should I do? 
Despite Apple's somewhat misleading alert, the current version of CBP (2.5.3) is compatible with "Mojave" 10.14. We are working on CheckBuilderPro version 3 and it will be released as a 64-bit app, we hope by late-Fall. For more info on 64 bit apps, read this.

Q. Why does the text in CheckBuilderPro not look that great on my Retina display?
A. Versions previous to 2.5 were not “Retina” aware, but with the release of CheckBuilderPro v2.5 we’ve added that capability. If after updating the text is still displaying in low resolution, it’s because your computer isn’t recognizing the update. So you need to force it into recognizing it as such:

First of all make sure you’ve quit CheckBuilderPro. Then try these solutions:

1) Drag the CheckBuilderPro program out of the Applications folder onto your desktop. Then drag it back in. Start it up and see if the text is nice and sharp. If so, you’re good to go. If not, try the next method.

2) Compress the CheckBuilderPro program. Then drag the compressed file onto your desktop and uncompress it by double clicking. Now replace the original program with your new compressed/uncompressed copy. (To compress it, right click on the application icon and from the popup menu select “Compress CheckBuilderPro.”)

If that doesn’t fix it, contact us for further help.

Q. Where can I see the checks that I've written?
A. With a check open, simply select "Check Register" from the File menu at the top of your screen. If you do not have a check open, this will be unavailable as CheckBuilderPro allows you to have unlimited checks/accounts and of course the register is specific to each check.

Q. Why does nothing happen when I "check for updates?"
A. A while back we switched our web site over to the "Shopify" ecommerce platform and because that does not allow us "root" access we had to move our updater files to a different server. That broke the update mechanism. To get the latest version, just drop us a note via the contact form and we'll send you a link to download the latest version. Be sure to include the name and email that your purchase was made with so we can verify you as a customer.

Q. I’m getting an error message that my check storage is not found – what do I do?
A. Do a search for “CheckBuilderPro Documents” – exact spelling (no spaces in “CheckBuilderPro”) then with the Preferences window open on the 3rd tab (Document Location) click on and drag the “CheckBuilderPro Documents” folder onto box below where it says “Current Storage Folder Location.” This will point the program to this folder where your checks are stored.

If you want to move your check storage folder, use the “Set/Move” popup menu below the box that lists the current location. There are presets for DropBox (if installed) and your Documents folder. To select a different location, choose “Select other” and designate your location.

Q. Can I re-download the software? The link I have has expired.
A. All of our download links expire after 24 hours, but if you’re a registered user, just contact us and we’ll send you a new link to re-download the software. Be sure to include the name and email you used when you made your purchase so we can verify you as a customer.

Q. I reinstalled the software and now it's asking for a "validation code."
A. If you can't find your validation code, contact us with the name or email that was used when you purchased, so we can look up your validation code. Just a first name or a different email will not work!

Q. Does CheckBuilderPro network with other installations of CheckBuilderPro on the same network?
A. No it does not have any built-in networking capability. You can set up the check storage location in Dropbox or similar file sharing services. All computers you'd want to have access would need to have Dropbox installed and be logged in to the *same* account. Contact us for instructions on set-up.

Printing a Check

Q. How do I print a blank check without a payee and amount?
A. With your check open, just select "Print" from the File menu at the top of your screen! Verify the starting check number and enter the number of pages. If you're printing a multiple checks per page format, you also have the option to print just 1 check. Then click "Print."

The "Write Checks" screen is only for those wanting to print completed checks with payee, amount, etc., not blank checks.

Q. How do I reprint a check that I've already printed?
A. There are 2 possible ways to reprint a check:
1) If the check is still listed in the "Checks To Print" window then click 1 time in the space before the payee name so that there is a check mark visible. Then print as usual. Or--
2) Open the check register and click 1 time on the check you want to reprint. Then click the "Reprint" button at the bottom of the register window. This will add the check back to the "Checks to Print" window where you can print as usual.

In both cases the software will reprint with the same check number (even though the print window will show the next number in your sequence). Also, after printing you will get a warning that the check was not posted to the register. This is as expected as the check has already been posted.

If you do not see a "Reprint" button at the bottom of the register window, then you're running an older version and should update.

Q. The routing and account number are printing in the wrong font/I’m getting an error that the MICR font is not loading What should I do?
Assuming that you’re running version 2.1 build 6 or newer, go up to the CheckBuilderPro menu at the top of your screen and select “Preferences.” On the first tab in the bottom, left corner is a check box labeled, “Use MICR Symbols.” Click this so that there is a check mark. Then close and reopen your check.

The root of the problem is most likely a corrupted font cache on your computer, which you may want to fix, but this will get you around the problem. Note: This solution will slow printing time slightly.

Q. The fonts on my check look OK on the screen, but when I print my check they look really bad – what can I do?
A. In all likelihood you have a corrupted font cache. The easiest way to clear and rebuild this cache is to restart your computer in “safe mode” then restart normally:

1. Quit all open programs.
2. Select “Restart…” from the Apple menu.
3. Immediately after you hear the startup tone, hold down the Shift key. The Shift key should be held as soon as possible after the startup tone but not before.
4. Release the Shift key when you see the gray Apple icon and the progress indicator (looks like a spinning gear).
5. After the computer has booted up, do a normal restart.

*Please note: Starting in Safe Mode will clear the font cache. Just be aware that if you have created font sets with the Apple Font Book program or disabled any fonts, these settings will be lost and will have to be redone.

Q. My check looks fine on the screen but some of the text areas don’t print – what is the problem?
A.  More then likely, you have a font conflict. Clear the font cache (see previous question for procedure). Next, in your Application folder there should be a program called Font Book – it comes on all Macs. Open it up, and:

1. Select all your fonts and from the File menu select “Validate Fonts.”
2. Select all your fonts and from the Edit menu, select “Resolve Duplicates.”
3. Reboot your computer and try printing again. If it still isn’t working right, contact us for further help.

Another thing to try is to go to the web site for your printer manufacturer and see if for your specific printer model there is a: 1) a printer software update; 2) a firmware update.

Q. My graphics are printing with poor quality – what’s wrong?
A. The preferred format for graphics is JPEG or PNG - these will give the best quality. Also, the original size of the image should be roughly twice what you'll want. Then use the sizing control slider to size.

Q. My printer is cutting off the image at the top/bottom of the page – what can I do to prevent this?
A. All printers have a margin area where it cannot print. Try moving your check image on the page by using the controls on the “Layout” panel of the editing window. If the bottom margin is the problem, you could try creating a custom page size (like 8.5 x 11.5) (File menu > Page Setup…) to trick your printer into giving you more room. This may require using the manual feed tray on some printers.

Q. Can I enter checks with different dates?
A. Yes. Open Preferences (under the CheckBuilderPro menu at the top, left of your screen) and go to the second tab “Checks & Deposits.” About half way down is a setting for “Set Check Date When Writing Or At Print Time.” Set that to “Write Time” and when you enter a check to print it will pre-date it with the date you’ve selected. Otherwise if you set the preference to “Print Time” it will print the same date for all checks based on the date you’ve selected.

Q. Can I print a check without a date?
A. No, you cannot print a completed check (with payee and amount) without a date. You can print a blank check and fill it in manually. Then enter that check into the register manually by clicking the "Enter Transaction" button at the top of the register window. Make sure to designate it as a debit.


Q. How do I update/upgrade my copy of CheckBuilderPro?
A. With CheckBuilderPro open, go to the Help menu in the menubar and select “Check for Updates.” If there is an update, you can choose to download and install it. After the update is finished it will automatically relaunch the program.


Q. I’m getting an error about “write privileges” – what do I do?
A. Try repairing permissions with the Disk Utility program. If that doesn’t work, check permissions on your check storage folder:
If you started with a version older than 2.1, look here:
Users > (your user name) > Library > Application Support > com.knappstersolutions.checkbuilderpro

If you started with version 2.1 or newer, look here:
Users > (your user name) > Documents > CheckBuilderPro Documents

Click the folder once, “Get Info” from the File menu. Permissions should be:
-your user name- (Me) – “Read & Write”

Q. I can’t get this to install on my Windows PC – what am I doing wrong?
A. This is a Macintosh-only program, thus our moniker “Check Printing Software For Mac.”

Editing a Check

Q. I would like to have a blank line in my address – how do I get that?
A. In the editor, enter a non-printing character like a space in the line where you want a blank. Otherwise the program will strip your address of any blank lines before it enters it into the check.

Q. How do I move the Memo line so that it lines up correctly when I complete the check in Quicken?
A. Go to the the “Layout” tab on the editing panel under the check and click the “Fine Tune” (it’s labeled “Move Individual Lines” in version 2) button under the arrow buttons. The window that drops down has controls to move each line of the check up or down independently of the others. For rapid movement hold down the option key and click the up or down arrow.

Q. My bank doesn’t use a fractional routing number. How do I handle this in CheckBuilderPro?
A. With version 2.1 or newer, go to the bank #s tab and click the “Hide FR” checkbox – that’s it. With version 2.0.5, delete all the info in the Fractional Routing #s boxes. Now type a dash “-” character in the first box and click the “Transfer to Check” button. That will delete the fractional routing number on the check.

Q. I live in Canada and I can’t get the software to format the bank routing number correctly – what should I do?
A. Our software only works with U.S. banks, which is why we place “For U.S. Banks Only” on almost every page of our web site! We are considering a Canadian version but at this time we can’t help you.