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Over at our sister site,, we have a great selection of business check papers in lots of styles and colors. We have a special section devoted specifically to CheckBuilderPro customers that includes the papers and styles compatible with this software.

We also carry MICR toner for many popular HP laser printers.

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For Personal style check papers and blank white "canvas" check papers, see below.

Personal Style Check Paper

If you need personal / wallet style check paper, with 3 checks per page, stubs to the left and a register area at the bottom, you may find what you need at Amazon.



Blank White"Canvas" Style Check Paper

If you'd like to print your own background image on your checks, you'll need to get the blank white "canvas" style check paper. Otherwise, all other check papers have some kind of colored and/or patterned background that will not work well.

The "canvas" style papers may be available at Amazon.