BatchBuilder - Add-On Module

$ 19.95

Feed Spreadsheet Payee Data To CheckBuilderPro!

  • Do you compute payee data in a spreadsheet?
  • Need to print checks for those payees?
  • BatchBuilder + CheckBuilderPro automates the process!

When you install the BatchBuilder add-on into CheckBuilderPro, it enables you to print checks from your payee spreadsheet data. BatchBuilder feeds that data into CheckBuilderPro - saving you time and frustration. It easily pays for itself in just one use.

“CheckBuilderPro & BatchBuilder
saved my sanity!!”

“I can not say enough positive things about this program! It’s 100% easy to use and does the job. We are able to quickly and efficiently generate batches of checks with no problems. This is a great product!”
–Natalie Pounds, Carson Services, Inc., Lincoln, NE

The BatchBuilder Workflow

  • Export spreadsheet data to a csv or tab-delimited file
  • Drop file into BatchBuilder
  • Configure “Data Designators” (save setup – do this step just once)
  • Save multiple setups - apply with a click
  • BatchBuilder feeds the data into CheckBuilderPro (required)
  • Print out unlimited checks as fast as your printer can run!

Your New Best Friend

BatchBuilder will save you hours of time each pay period. You should never have to type the same information twice – that’s what computers are for. Spend your valuable time doing something more productive (or have a cup of coffee!) – let BatchBuilder + CheckBuilderPro handle your repetitive check writing chores.

Key Benefits

  • Save valuable time – no having to manually re-enter payee, amount, memo, address, etc.
  • Reduce errors – by entering your data one time, there’s less chance for error.
  • Simple drag-n-drop import or select with the standard file browser.
  • Easy setup tailors to the format of your spreadsheet export.
  • Easily pays for itself with just one use!

In most cases, BatchBuilder senses your delimiter type, comma (csv) or tab, when you import. Or you can set it manually. Using “Data Designator” menus, you then specify each item: payee, address, amount, etc. If you always use the same format(s), save the setting under a user-designated name. Save as many pre-sets as you want. Then recall and apply that setting from a popup menu.

BatchBuilder also allows you to append to or replace the data printed on the voucher section of the check (voucher-style checks only).

Available “Data Designators”

While you only need to specify a payee and amount, “Data Designators” are available for:

Payee Name

Payee Name 2 (used for last name when first and last name are separated)

Address 1

Address 2






Date (If your data doesn't include a date, BB inserts a date of your choosing.)
Check Number (If your data doesn't include a check number, BB inserts a number you select and increments from there.)

Category (prints on voucher-style checks only)

Class/Job/Ref (prints on voucher-style checks only)


NOTE: BatchBuilder does not support split transactions so only one category can be designated per payee.


  • Not sure? CheckBuilderPro comes with a BatchBuilder demo - select "Batch Print" from the File menu
  • The demo is fully functional but is limited to printing 12 checks
  • When used with the CheckBuilderPro demo, VOID is printed on all checks


Please note: REQUIRES CHECKBUILDERPRO 3.0 OR NEWER. BatchBuilder is not a stand-alone product – it’s an add-on to CheckBuilderPro. If you have any questions, just let us know via our Contact form – click the link below.

Product Requirements

  • CheckBuilderPro version 3.0 or newer (does not work with older versions)
  • BatchBuilder is an add-on product for CheckBuilderPro

Save $10 With Our Bundle Offer!

If you don't already have CheckBuilderPro, you will need it to use BatchBuilder. So purchase the CheckBuilderPro + BatchBuilder Bundle and save $10! Normally the cost of CheckBuilderPro ($59.95) + BatchBuilder ($19.95) would be $79.90, but our bundle price is just $69.95.

To take advantage of this pricing, select BatchBuilder + CheckBuilderPro Bundle from the "Purchase Options" menu above.

Learn more about CheckBuilderPro.

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