Is CheckBuilderPro Optimized for Your Mac?

Sounds a bit ominous doesn't it? But this warning is somewhat misleading. The fact is, the current version of our software (2.5.3) is compatible with the current macOS - "Mojave" 10.14. If you click the "Learn More" button you get a much more accurate picture. Apple has announced that the *next* major version of the macOS (due Fall 2019) will only support 64 bit apps. Please note that the above screenshot was taken on Mojave and that it references "future" versions of the macOS.

We are excited to say that we are actively working on CheckBuilderPro version 3. It is a total re-write and is 64 bit. Customers who purchase now will be eligible to receive the update to version 3 for free. We’re hoping for a late Fall release. We will send out an announcement with upgrade cost when it's ready to roll.

So in short:

  • Our software is compatible with Mojave
  • We are actively working on a 64 bit version
  • Purchase now and receive the 64 bit version for free!

Here's an excerpt from Apple's web site on using 32 bit apps:

To learn more about the change to 64 bit, read Apple's explanation.