Is CheckBuilderPro Optimized for Your Mac?

Sounds pretty ominous doesn't it? But this warning is a very misleading. The fact is, the current version of our software is fully compatible with the *current* macOS - High Sierra 10.13.6. If you click the "Learn More" button you get a much more accurate picture. Apple recently announced that in the *next* version of the macOS that 32 bit programs will not be "fully supported" though they have not defined exactly what that means. They are wanting all developers to release 64 bit versions of their software in order to be ready for the next macOS due this coming Fall (most likely October). They could be more clear about this.

We are actively working on CheckBuilderPro version 3 - a total re-write. When released it will be a 64 bit program. Customers who purchase now will receive the update to version 3 for free. We’re anticipating a September release.

  • Our software is fully compatible with the current macOS
  • We are actively working on a 64 bit version
  • Purchase now and receive the 64 bit version for free!

Here's an excerpt from Apple's full explanation:

To learn more about the change to 64 bit, read Apple's explanation.