Q. Can I write payroll checks with CheckBuilderPro?

A. CheckBuilderPro is not a payroll program. As such it does not have the specialized accounting features needed for payroll. Some people use it for printing payroll checks by setting up categories for gross pay, social security, medicare, etc. using the "split transaction" section of the Write Checks screen. But CheckBuilderPro does not format a proper pay stub nor does it calculate and record the employer portions for Social Security, Medicare, etc. nor does it print year-to-date totals for these items on the pay stub.

But if your needs are modest and you don't mind manually taking care of the bookkeeping needed for payroll, you may find that CheckBuilderPro will work for you.

The best way to explain how to set this up is by seeing it. Here is a screenshot of a typical payroll check entry:

CheckBuilderPro - payroll setup

When printed, the check stub (on voucher-style checks formats) will look like this:

If you’re not sure that CheckBuilderPro will meet your needs, please try our free demo to see if will work for you.