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CheckBuilderPro™ For Macintosh

Check Printing For Home and Small Business

  • Print blank checks for use in other programs - like Quickbooks and AccountEdge
  • Print completed checks in one pass including payee, amount, etc, along with the routing and account numbers
  • Print on pre-printed checks* (see note below)
  • Track transactions in check register
  • Customize with your fonts, logos and signature
  • For U.S. banks only

*To print on pre-printed checks they must be in sheet form, 8.5 x 11 (you cannot print on checks torn from a checkbook). Business checks must be perforated at 3.5″ and wallet-style checks must be perforated at 2-7/8″ in order to work.

Please note: Amazon rankings are constantly in flux, so while the illustration above depicts us as #1 in check printing software, we cannot guarantee that we always are. In our unscientific, sporadic observations, we usually are ranked #1, so please take it for what it's worth!

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BatchBuilder™ Add-On Module

Spreadsheet Payee Import for CheckBuilderPro

This is an add-on product for CheckBuilderPro™ (v2.3 or higher required). If you compute payee data in a spreadsheet and need to print checks for them, we’ve made life lots easier for you!

  • Export your payees to a csv file
  • Drop file into BatchBuilder™
  • Configure "data designators" (do this step just once)
  • BatchBuilder feeds data into CheckBuilderPro™, automating the check printing process

Requires CheckBuilderPro v2.3 or higher


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